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Covid-19 Changes and safety procedures

In preparation for re starting our school workshops from September 2020 we have put a lot of thought and hard work in to how our workshops will operate and put new safety procedures in place to enable all children, staff and ourselves to be as safe as possible at all times.
Please refer to our School Workshops page for details of our normal school workshop and see our updated risk assessment, general risk assessment and T&C's.

Changes and safety procedures
If possible, we will aim to arrive at your school slightly earlier approx 7.30am this will enable us to set up the artefacts  which will then be sprayed using our antibacterial Fogging machine. This process will ensure that all our artefacts are safe for use during the day and this process will take up to 45 minutes and is completely safe for use in schools.  Further details on this process can be found here and have been included in our updated risk assessment.

We will also be using an automatic hand sanitiser for the children to use and antibacterial wipes for wiping down certain artefacts that the children will be able to handle.

Morning Session
The introduction
The day will begin with an introduction by Erik Eriksson, Warrior, Trader and storyteller. Erik will tell where the Vikings and Saxons came from, names families and the clothes they wore. Unfortunately, the children will not be able to wear any of our clothing but these will be shown by Erik. Any child which is asked to take an active part at the front with Erik will be kept at a social distance at all times.

The Artefacts
When looking at the artefacts the children will still be able to take a close look at the artefacts but will not be allowed to pick them up and touch them at present due to COVID 19 precautions. However we will encourage the children to remember artefacts they want to know more about and we will also welcome the use of iPads and tablets etc by teachers to take a pictures and discuss them during the questions and answer session afterwards.

Question and Answers
Asking questions about the artefacts is a very important part of our day and as previously stated we will have asked the children to remember artefacts they have seen. When a child is chosen they can either describe the artefact or show us the image on the iPad or Tablet or just point the artefact out to us on the table.

We will still be making coins for your school however without the help of the children. .

Afternoon Session
Trial Law & Punishment
We will still get some children to take an active part in this and again the children be will socially distanced at all times.

Weapons and Warfare
Like the Artefact session in the morning the children will be able to take a close look at the weapons and armour but not touching the weapons or trying on the armour and Helmets, however they will be able to handle some of the swords, axes and shields these will be wiped down with antibacterial wipes after each child has touched them and strictly controlled by us.

Social distancing with the children will be adhered to at all times so that children staff and Erik remain safe at all times.

Venue/Location of Workshop
We have always been flexible as to where we do our workshops and are even more so in the current climate, as such we are happy to discus in advance by phone or email any queries or ideas you may have regarding the location. We will also need to park our vehicle near to the location all day as this will reduce any non- essential contact.

We are working hard to make sure that our workshops will still be as much fun and as informative as they always have been and we will make any changes necessary to ensure the safety of the children staff and Erik and welcome any further suggestions you may have.

We would like to thank all the schools and staff that have supported us over the last 28 years it means a lot to us, we hope to continue for many more years to come but can can only do this with your continued support as a small family business the last few months have been very tough for us as we know it has also been for schools children and staff.
Thanks again.
Erik Guida and all at Longship